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Mission, Vision & Values


The Umatilla County Special Library District works in partnership with our libraries to advance and make available excellent library services, programs and continuing education opportunities for all.


The Umatilla County Special Library District (UCSLD) works collaboratively with our public libraries to ensure that high quality library services are available to all.

Public libraries are places of welcome for everyone, and UCSLD strengthens and unites our communities.

Library staff are valued and recognized for providing exceptional service to their communities. UCSLD invests in Library Staff development, and offers opportunities for interaction, skill-building and cross-training.

To advance the vision, UCSLD partners with groups and organizations to increase the reach of literacy and access to information, building on the foundations of a democratic society.


Integrity - Accountability - Transparency;
Community - Inclusion - Fairness;
Resourcefulness - Resilience - Creativity

       - Strategic Plan - FY2018-2020, Vision updated 11/19
       - Strategic Plan - FY2021-2022, Values updated 4/21